Complete Guide: Create Your First Digital Product in 24 Hours


The pro’s of having a digital product

Who could gain from selling a digital product?

What is a 24 Hour Product?


Setting a date and preparing for it

Find someone that can hold you to it

Prepare your workstation

Structuring the 24 hours


Find the problem to solve

Define the (narrow) audience

Pick a problem to solve (informational/educational)

  • Make sure you can expand it in the future

Stay within your comfort zone

Choose a familiar format

How can you make it as simple as possible? (tech wise)

Outlining the content

List the steps or sub-problems

One chapter – one problem. Make it super-clear (what is this chapter adding/answering?)! (max 500 words)

Prioritise the chapters – for WHEN you realize that you don’t have time to finish

Start creating the content

Work in bursts

Getting past friction

Getting through the first hours

Get some sleep

Building the plattform

The landing page

Setting up the payment system

Create a product/cover image

Pricing your product


Marketing your product

Creating an automated sales funnel

Market with content

Improving and expanding

Improving the product

The psychology of pricing

Adding a premium package